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Fazak Gift Centre

Fazak Gift Centre

Located in the hub of Bulawayo, Fazak Gift centre was originally a curios and gift shop, however, it has extended its range of goods over the years. The store has seen its evolution to a point where it sells everything except groceries. Fazak Gift Centre established in 1970 and now generally recognised as a landmark in the city of Bulawayo. Over the years the shop has become known for selling the highest quality products at affordable prices within the community. The shop’s name is also synonymous with helpful staff strategically placed within the shop to help with customers’ every need. It is these attributes that have helped retain the Fazak name as a reputable and trustworthy retailer.

Why choose Us?

  1. Reputable – The name Fazak is known in the community and beyond for offering the best service and thus gained the respect and loyalty of many people. We are thankful for the support over the years past and to come.
  2. Centrally located – Ideally located in the city centre making it your central shopping centre
  3. Proudly Zimbabwean – The company was started in Zimbabwe and carries with It the pride of the nation through the sale of authentic local products. We are determined to continue serving the people in the best possible manner.
  4. Experienced – Half a decade in the industry is a long time for a company to learn its mistakes and triumphs. This wealth of knowledge is key to continue bringing you leading services and products.
  5. Comprehensive customer oriented service – Every customer is important to us and thus we strive to serve each customer as the King or Queen they are. We have no prejudice towards anyone and welcome anyone through our doors.
  6. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed – Our aim is as a business is make our customer happy. The core of our business is based on the satisfaction of our customer and thus continue to work on methodologies as well as create new ways to keep our customer happy.

What do we offer?

  1. Curios – We have unique and collectable pieces made from materials such as ivory and teak among many others.
  2. Safari gear – We offer high quality safari gear from hats, footwear to shirts and pants.
  3. Leather goods – Belts, wallets, handbags and shoes.
  4. Tourist goods – From branded T-shirts to locally made jewellery we have artefacts to meet your needs.
  5. A large selection of kitchenware, furniture, plastic ware, electrical and home appliances and other household goods.