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Fazak Price Checker

What is Price Checker App

Fazak price checker is an android app that allows customers to check the prices of products wherever they can be by simply scanning the barcode of the product.
This app also enables customers to Scan for items they want to shop and add them to the Shopping basket. It will Create a customer own shopping list and avoid the inconveniences of customers having to carry items which they will eventually leave by the tills when they find out that they are short of such total price amount, thus this helps to budget. Customers will know the total price of items they are about to shop.

It helps to Save time and make shopping easy , scan any item with the fazak Price Checker. Simply scan a barcode and check for the price . It’s that easy!. You can Download the app by clicking here. The app interface is as below.

WELCOME Home screen
screen showing scanned results
Shopping list with total price